message download instructions

  1. Go to on the Internet browser of your choice
  2. Click on the appropriate link to the left (e.g., "message downloads", "free downloads", etc.)
  3. Enter the download password you were given in the field provided and click the "Login" button (password is case sensitive)
  4. Click on "Download" under the message icon or picture
  5. A window should open providing you two options: "Open with" or "Save File"
  6. Choose "Save File" and click the "OK" button
  7. Another window should open allowing you to save a folder with a ".ZIP" extension on the end of it (e.g., to any location on your computer. It might be easier to find the folder later if you save the folder to the computer's desktop.
  8. Go to where you saved the folder on your computer and open the folder to find the file with the ".MP3" extension on the end of it (e.g.,"Faith (KM08022011).mp3")
  9. Open the .MP3 file to listen to your message download.
  10. If you have an MP3 player (e.g., most smartphones and mobile devices play MP3 files now, iPods, etc.) note the location of the file to import it into the MP3 program your mobile device syncs with.

If you need additional assistance with your message download please contact our Media Department at