theresa watts, pastor
work: 918-694-7625

Raised by a single mother who loved God, Theresa grew up in the Baptist church surrounded by a praying grandmother and a spirit-filled great grandmother.  It is the prayers of a loving mother, an adoring grandmother, and an affectionate great grandmother that shape her ministry of today. Pastor Theresa Watts was born Theresa Bullard on February 15, 1961 in Houston, Texas. Theresa attended Prairie View A&M University graduating with a Communications degree in 1983. While in college, Theresa met Billy Joe Watts in the spring of 1981. The college sweethearts married on July 23, 1983. The Watts have three children—Billy Joe, Jr., Kendra, and Brittany. Theresa and her husband have been ministering the love of God to people around the world together for over 26 years. In September of 2007, with 44 people, the Watts started The Rock Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the mission of serving God and loving people.


Theresa is impassioned for ministry. Her passions are ministering on healing and ministering to the whole woman. Time and time again she has found God to be real and faithful in the area of healing in her own life, the life of her mother, and the countless others she has ministered to around the world. She is driven to see people live their lives as God intended—in divine health. She founded Just Us Girls as an outreach of The Rock Church to minister to the spirit, body, and mind of women.  Each month the ladies of Just Us Girls connect for bible study, attend fitness classes, and meet for book club discussions. Her open use of personal stories and genuine impartation of God’s truth invokes amusement, at times tears, but most importantly enkindles those under the sound of her voice to see that God—her God—is a “BIG God and the devil is a little, bitty devil.” Theresa Watts effortlessly embodies what it means to serve God and love His people because she saw it done firsthand in the lives of three extraordinary women.